Whether your drain needs to be unblocked, your water pressure needs to be fixed, you need a new geyser installed, or your toilet is leaking, you can count on our team as we have recruited the leading plumbers in the area.
Our contractors are trained, qualified and experienced in plumbing jobs of all shapes and sizes. After contacting us, our plumbers will come to your premises to talk you through your problems and to suggest the most strategic, value-for-money solution.
We offer competitive pricing, free quotations, and we have a no-fix, no-payment policy. Only local Contractors do the work and we support local development of SMME's



Local Contractors

We sort out drips, leaks and blockages. We do this by overseeing qualified local contractors who performs the work with zero comebacks


We ensure the contractor finish the job, by providing for his needs to procure materials needed to complete the work. With many contractors not being able to gain acess to finances, the risk of not getting the right mateial and person for the ob, is completely averted.

By maintaining our value, integrity, honesty and trust within our company, our staff, our contractors and most importantly our customers, we will continue to build and improve on our specialist services.

Scope of plumbing work

  • Replace and repair faulty geysers
  • Repair and or replace faulty pressure valves
  • Unblock blocked sewerage drains
  • Irrigation systems
  • Repair and or replace leaking taps, showers, wash basins, pipes, sinks.
  • Do minor plumbing works.
  • Repair or replace leaking pipes, upgrade of complete plumbing system.
  • Minor repairs to septic tanks
  • Unblock toilet systems
  • Replace urinals
  • Replace toilets
  • Replace basins
  • Unblock and to repairs to urinals
  • Repairs and replacement of hydro boils
  • Water coolers, water fountains and reverse osmosis systems

Efficient, professional and quality Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Maintenance Services to all sectors of the market.