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  • BENIR HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD share and actively contribute towards the vision of the National, Provincial and Local Governments inclusive growth policies. This we do in aspiring to limit logistical and cash-flow limitations of small and medium enterprises involved with the different spheres of government.

  • We do so by rendering a service towards these enterprises by supplying them with building materials delivered on site to enable them to commence with their projects in a more efficient way avoiding logistical shortcomings to get material to site. This we do in collabouration with the different departments in the in the different levels of government.

  • In doing so, we assist the enterprises to conclude projects in a cost-effective manner and on time thus assist them growing their enterprises and establish a footprint in the industry whereas they could not have done so or taking longer doing so.

  • This is testimony of our active participation in inclusive growth and our social distribution towards or local communities.



  • PRODUCTIVITY: To be a fast moving and highly effective company in the field of source to site and facilities management.

  • PEOPLE: To be a known as a people manage company where employees be inspired to be best they can be.

  • SUPPLIERS: To be known as a company who nature our suppliers by delivering our promise to them and to make a real difference in our community by giving opportunities and preference to local suppliers.

  • CLIENTS: To deliver excellent services to our clients and to ensure we deliver quality on time value for money services.

  • PORTFOLIO: To present a portfolio to our customers to satisfy their needs and desires and to incorporate their values, missions and vision into our portfolio.

  • PROFIT: To maximize our partner’s long term returns by ensuring we get value for money products and deliver a service where our clients get value for money services.










  • BENIR HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD objective is to provide efficient, professional and quality solutions.

  • In accordance with Government Policy and the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, Benir Holdings will involve, empowers and transfers skills to persons from Historically Disadvantaged Communities, whilst pursuing the above objective.

  • Benir Holdings will provide both on and off-site training to Managerial staff, Technicians and Technical Assistants (over all trades). Benir Holdings will ensure transfer of skills takes place towards all employees. 

  • This transfer of skills will empower members of the Previously Disadvantaged Communities.

  • Benir Holdings will develop effective business methods to control all aspects of its operations, and in particular ensures that all Quality Control procedures are strictly adhered to, by its hands on approach and regular inspections by Managers.

  • This hands on approach will mean that Technicians will work together with an Assistant and work will be over inspected by Senior Managers. This over inspections will ensure that work is done according to all regulations and standards.

  • Benir Holdings will strive to integrate with the customer's culture, values and rules and regulations to ensure safe and productive work environment.

  • Benir Holdings will strive to integrate with the customer's culture, values and rules and regulations to ensure safe and productive work environment.

  • Benir Holdings is fully empowered, and has a real participative structure funded by the investing shareholders for the employees of the company.

  • Benir Holdings training programs will ensure that the Company complies with all the required standards concerning Affirmative Action policies.

  • When pursuing new opportunities in any area, to where possible involve, empower and transfer skills to local entrepreneurs, preferably from Previously Disadvantaged Groups or Individuals.

  • This will ensure and generate a substantial income for the community and promote employment within the local community of the specific contract.