Proper preventive maintenance greatly extends the life of the equipment. Just like changing the oil and routine maintenance on a vehicle, your buildings mechanical systems require routine service and maintenance to keep it running in top efficient order. Our commitment is to provide the customer with quality service as quickly as possible at a reasonable cost. Our Contractor’s technicians are trained and all are legally qualified.

  • We use only high-quality pleated air filters for best dust and pollen removal
  • We service all types of systems and brands no matter how complex.
  • contracts are custom tailored to each account and may be inclusive of all parts and labour.


We Troubleshoot, repair, and maintain full line of refrigeration, heating and cooling.

HVAC systems

We make use of HVAC orientated companies that provides a mechanical turnkey ... heating, cooling and ventilation, whatever your needs

Failure to perform regular maintenance on a HVAC system will result in stress on its components that will lead to poor performance and costly repairs. Your experts at HVAC Services have a solution.

Scope of our HVAC Services



Replace of PC BOARDS


Repair electric wiring

WE Do fault-finding on systems

WE Clean extractors

Replace and repairs on remotes

Repairs on ice machines